Code Enforcement / Building Permits

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible to enforce the International Property Maintenance Code as adopted by the Borough of West Hazleton. The Property Maintenance covers the life/safety and health aspects of a property as well as basic property maintenance. A small example would include grass cutting, guttering, windows, unlicensed or unregistered vehicles on a property and garbage or trash accumulating on a property.

Building permits are issued by the Building Code Official. The Borough of West Hazleton follows the Uniform Construction Code when issuing building permits and at this current time does not have any Municipal Changes with Labor and Industry. If the Borough would like to make a change to the Uniform Construction Code, it is possible to do so. Changes to the Uniform Construction Code must be approved by the Department of Labor and Industry prior to enforcing any changes and it is encouraged that you check their website to see if any changes have been approved by the Department of Labor and Industry at the following link:


Jacob Dohmen,
Code Enforcement
West Hazleton Borough
100 South Fourth Street
West Hazleton Pa. 18202